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Feeding Children on Saturday

What is the Feeding Children on Saturday program?

The "Feeding Children on Saturday" program, our new initiative for 2024, is geared towards raising funds independently of the CACFP. The goal is to offer nutritious meals and snacks to children every Saturday.

The ultimate focus will be on the 2500 children we currently serve on weekdays through the CACFP, extending our support to include weekends.

How it works?

The funding will be utilized to purchase necessary products for packaging Saturday meals and snacks. It will also support staff involved in assembling these packages and drivers responsible for delivering them to our current centers on Friday, ensuring they are ready for distribution on Saturday.

How much is your fundraising target?

Our first fundraising goal is $100,000.

This amount will serve:

  • 250 children

  • Every Saturday throughout 2024

  • Covering breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack for each child at an estimated cost of $7.7 per child.

250 children x 52 weeks x $7.7 each meal = $100,100

Ways to help?

Your support can take various forms, providing crucial assistance to ensure nutritious meals for children. Here are some impactful ways to help:

  • Donate: Contribute to our fundraising efforts to directly fund Saturday meals and snacks for children.

  • Spread the Word: Amplify our mission by sharing information about the program on social media, among friends, and within your community.

  • Advocate: Be an advocate for child hunger awareness and encourage others to join the cause.

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Feeding Children on Saturday Menu

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