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Discover what our partnership have to say about their experiences with us:

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For the past four years we have been with ITAVTFOC. I have no complaints!

I love the food, it comes hot and ready to serve every day and on time. The children enjoy the food. Our parents love that they do not have to prepare and bring in food every day.

Mr. Wainwright and his team are very helpful with everything. I'm very satisfied with ITAVTFOC.


We have been serving children and seniors since 1990.

I have seen up close my husband's passion, work ethic, and determination to make an impact to satisfy schools, head starts, senior centers, childcare centers, and others in the Food Service industry.

I have been with ITAVTFOC since the very beginning. Since day 1, I have been extremely satisfied, especially since I have 3 food programs to compare it to.

With ITAVTFOC, the paperwork is minimal. Chip and his staff comes on time and the food is always tasty and hot.

Oh, did I mention that this program delivers daily! As long as I have a childcare center I will always use ITAVTFOC. I always recommend them!

The best food program.

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