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Programs & Services

Our Programs

We work with children and adults from A-Z to help set up and implement your meal programs. 


The Child and Adult Care Food Program


Mobile Homeless Food Program


Weekend Meals for Children


Coming Food Initiatives in PA

Our Services

We collaborate with trusted partners to offer a range of additional services tailored for child and adult care centers.

ServSafe Managers Certification (Food Safety) 

Elevate your food safety standards with ServSafe Managers Certification.


Our comprehensive program ensures you and your team are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain a safe and hygienic food environment.

Sign up today using promo code [servsafe/ITAVTFOC ]

First Aid/CPR Training Certification

Empower yourself with life-saving skills through our First Aid/CPR Training Certification.


Learn essential techniques that could make a difference in emergencies.


Join us to gain the confidence and knowledge needed to respond effectively with promotion code [firstaidcpr/ITAVTFOC].


Your safety starts here.

employment background 2.jpeg

Employment Background Screening 

  • FBI Fingerprint Processing & Scheduling

  • Child Abuse Clearance

  • National Sex Offender Registry Check

  • Epatch Criminal Background Check


Simplify your hiring process with our comprehensive Employment Background Screening services.

Collaborate With Us

We welcome partnerships with companies interested in providing additional services for child and adult care centers.


If your organization shares our commitment to excellence, we invite you to explore collaboration opportunities. Together, we can create a comprehensive suite of services that meets the diverse needs of our clients.


Contact us to discuss how we can build a stronger, more supportive network for child and adult care providers.

We Look Forward To Potentially Serving You

Call: 1-888-702-9610  

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***USDA and this Institution are equal opportunity providers and employers. Admission is open to all regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.***

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